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A Boot's a Boot


Lesle Lewis




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Lesle Lewis’s books include Small Boat (University of Iowa Press, 2003), Landscapes I & II, (Alice James Books, 2006), and Lie Down Too (Alice James Books, 2011). Her poems have appeared in jubilat, The Massachusetts Review, Barrow Street, Sentence, Mississippi Review, American Letters & Commentary, Bateau, and many other journals. She lives in New Hampshire and teaches at Landmark College in Vermont.

“There isn’t another poet imagining and delivering poetry as Lewis does. What she thinks and how she lets us into her thought stirs up one’s imagination, invites us to be as alive as her thoughts are, and shows us once again what poetry can do when we let it roam as the feral thing it is. She takes fate and time and talks to them about love and inevitable grief. I love this book, her poems never fail to mesmerize.” –Dara Wier

“Lesle Lewis’s back-country-New-England sense of humor gains intensity from an attunement to the moonlit mysteries of disappeared loved ones without ceding any of her unique perplexity. The lines and lives are delimited with chronic end-stops, saturating the poems with infectious, pensive music. Maybe the puzzle of our shared world is ultimately grammatical, and the baffling specificity of every lived moment awaits the arrival of a keyword to unlock its sense: a simply sufficient pronoun. As we read early in A Boot’s a Boot, ‘We imagine a pronoun that says some people sometimes and sometimes includes ourselves.’ I love this book!” –Jon Woodward

“Lesle Lewis is one of the unique voices of American poetry today. Her poems are at once abstract and intimate, wryly witty and sad, real and surreal. In poem after poem she surprises the reader with her uncanny sensibility and metaphysical insights.” –Nin Andrews

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