The Fat Sheet Everyone Wants

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The Fat Sheet Everyone Wants


Bern Mulvey




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Bern Mulvey has written poems, articles and essays in English and in Japanese, with recent work in Poetry, AGNI, Hokuriku Shijin Shishuu, the London Times, Poetry East, RUNES, Fine Madness, River City, and the American Language Review. He is the former poetry editor of The Missouri Review and served as faculty advisor/editor of Black Rock & Sage (Idaho State University’s literary journal) for several years. Currently, he is Dean of Faculty at Miyazaki International College in Japan, the youngest dean in Japan and one of just three non-Japanese to hold this rank at a Japanese university.

“Bern Mulvey, an American living in Japan for many years, has absorbed much of that great culture, particularly its literature. The Fat Sheep Everyone Wants is a beautiful and powerful book that is at the same time restrained and yawping over the rooftops of the world, that is both as compressed as diamonds and expansive and full of life as a vast ocean. Godspeed this wonderful book!” –Thomas Lux

 “Bern Mulvey’s The Fat Sheep Everyone Wants is a study in intimacy—an intimacy conspiring across cultures, languages, families, and landscapes despite histories of wars, racism, and difference. In our time of global connections, Mulvey has created a poetry of negotiation, of tender but insistent communication. This is a poetry of witness without the distance of the spectator. Complicated because implicated, the voice in these poems speaks with profound precision because where it stands just happens to be where we are standing.” –Claudia Rankine

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