Dangerous Neighborhoods

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Dangerous Neighborhoods


Marnie Prange




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Born in Virginia and raised in North California, Marnie Prange has degrees from the University of North Carolina—Greensboro, Hollins College, and the University of Alabama. She has taught at the University of Montana, Florida International University, Northern Arizona University, and the University of Louisville.

The two things that are connected in the poetry of Marnie Prange are a certain wisdom (or cunning) (or rage), and a certain precision of language (that is moving), that reflects that wisdom. She knows something. And she has something to say. I recommend we read her.” –Gerald Stern

“Marnie Prange’s poetry owns a fierce humility. Her Dangerous Neighborhoods chronicles a woman’s travels through time, landscapes, ghosts, dreams, through worlds of men from which the ‘underground daughter’, ‘the woman caught in the headlights’ emerges charged with authority. Prange suspends the urgency of journeys with the advent of thresholds. Poem after poem, she proves to be not only a worthy but the inevitable interpreter of what the blind have to say, of what Connie Barnett selling at the fair her champion steer must be feeling, of why the mysterious ghost of the ‘the woman sleeping in our bed’ needs to please the speaker and her lover, needs now to be named and embraced. Readers will come to trust this poet’s cranky spirit, her humanity, and most of all, her refusal to compromise what greets us, full faced, in these poems—Prange’s mythic, wholly feminine vision.” –Deborah Digges