More Palomino, Please More Fuchisa

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More Palomino, Please More Fuchisa


Marilyn Krysl




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Warscape with Lovers is Marilyn Krysl’s seventh book of poetry, (her second, More Palomino, Please more Fuchisa, was published by the Cleveland State University Poetry Center in 1980); she has also published two volumes of fiction. Krysl’s poems and stories have appeared in many journals and anthologies and have won various prizes including the 1994 Negative Capability Award for fiction and the 1995 Spoon River Poetry Review for poetry. She has been the recipient of a residency at Yaddo, and grants from the Colorado Council of the Arts and Earthwatch. She has taught ESL in the People’s Republic of China, served as Artist in Residence at the Center for Human Caring and worked as a volunteer for Peace Brigade International in Sri Lanka and at the Kalighat Home for the Destitute and Dying administered by Mother Teresa’ s Sisters of Charity in Calcutta.

“Marilyn Krysl has found balance in places shaken by deprivation and injury. This is a beautiful book of poetry, not because it is lyrical (though it is), but because it treats suffering with love. It embraces what devours us. It instructs us by example in the way that poetry can be centered, conscionable and intimate. I feel in this book the power of open eyes and open arms.” –Marvin Bell

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