Order, or Disorder

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Order, or Disorder

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Amy Newman


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Amy Newman has published over 200 poems in North America, England, Italy, and Romania. Poems have been anthologized in The Iowa Anthology of New American Poetries, The Rose Metal Press Field Guide to Prose Poetry, and Sentence’s An Introduction to the Prose Poem. A recipient of three Individual Artists Fellowships and a MacDowell Colony Fellow, she is editor of Ancora Imparo, the journal of arts, process, and remnant. An assistant professor of creative writing and literature at Northern Illinois University, she has also taught at McNeese State University, Hocking College, Ohio University and Denison University.

“In an efflorescence of emblem and element, these poems locate the mercurial female principle again. In ocean, rain, rock, in primordial color, here is an amplitude of words to relieve us just as the century closes. Here, again, a poet has found bedrock among the stars. Amy Newman has written mutable figures into consciousness; here is a place of metaphor where, as she puts it, ‘language crawls the country on its belly.’” –Jane Miller

“If it is possible for poetry to increase the amount of the meaning of human freedom, then Amy Newman’s Order, or Disorder does so, powerfully. By establishing then responding to its own sense of duty, even the title becomes an invitation and an opening, a gesture of inclusion. And the sometimes astringent intelligence of this poet, added to the delicate nuance of her imagery, produce glistening, smart, sometimes funny, always fascinating poems.” –Bin Ramke

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