Pincushion's Strawberry

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Pincushion's Strawberry


Jared Carter





Jared Carter has published three books of poetry with the Cleveland State University Poetry Center, most recently Les Barricades Mystérieuses (1999).

“Carter’s is a poetry of resolute middle distance, firmly of this world: between the dust under the earth and the dust of space there exists the place the poem can illumine.” –Helen Vendler 

“These are loving poems, delivered in a quiet, authoritative voice; the reader slips into their flow and partakes of a communion. . . [This] is a remarkable achievement.” –Bruce Bennett

“From beginning to end, this volume has the quiet passion of conviction, the voice of a poet who knows exactly what he wants to say and how to say it. . . Behind the range of styles and approaches, one recognizes a single honest and contemporary voice.” –Dana Gioia 

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