Power to Die

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Power to Die


Robert Hill Long




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Robert Hill Long, raised and educated in North Carolina, was the founding director of the North Carolina Writers’ Network in 1984. He has taught at Clark University, Smith College, and the University of Hartford, and now teaches at the University of Oregon. His first book, The Power to Die, was published by the Cleveland State University Poetry Center in 1987.

Robert Hill Long’s poems have the feel of land and history seen in moments of personal definition, seen through the lens of a family. His voice speaks in long fluent lines with both freedom and formal assurance, of the experience of war, and of the war and peace of human affection. It is a voice that praises the voluptuous body of earth and incorporates the sad flotsam of a family, of mortality. At times wickedly funny, at others haunted by the legend and landscape of America, his poems are always politically informed and alert, and our poetry is the richer.” — Robert Morgan 

The Work of the Bow is intense, edgy but at the same time serene; it builds and moves like a river. There are poems here that are so human and alive they will break your heart and end up leaving it better. This is a beautiful book.” –Thomas Lux 

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