Someone Wants to Steal My Name

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Michaux Someone Wants to Steal My Name .jpg

Someone Wants to Steal My Name


Henri Michaux

Edited by Nin Andrews




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Henri Michaux was a highly idiosyncratic Belgian poet, writer, and painter who wrote in the French language. Michaux is best known for his esoteric books written in a highly accessible style, and his body of work includes poetry, travelogues, and art criticism. Michaux travelled widely, tried his hand at several careers, and experimented with drugs, the latter resulting in two of his most intriguing works, Miserable Miracle and The Major Ordeals of the Mind and the Countless Minor Ones.

Nin Andrews’ poems and stories have appeared in many literary journals and anthologies, including Ploughshares, Best American Poetry (1997, 2001, 2003), and Great American Prose Poems. She is the author of several books, including Why God Is a Woman (BOA, 2015); Southern Comfort (CavanKerry Press, 2009), Dear Professor, Do You Live in a Vacuum? (Subito Press, 2008), Sleeping with Houdini (BOA Editions Ltd., 2008), Midlife Crisis with Dick and Jane (Web Del Sol, 2005), and The Book of Orgasms (Cleveland State University Poetry Center, 2000).

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