The Dry Season: Q’anjob’ al Maya Poems

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The Dry Season: Q’anjob’ al Maya Poems


Gaspar Pedro González

Translated by R. McKenna Brown




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Gaspar Pedro González is General Director of Art and Culture in the Ministry of Culture of Guatemala. He is President of the B’eyb’ al Cultural Association, and a Professor of Mayan Literature and Oral Tradition at Mariano Gálvez University of Guatemala. He is a writer, painter, and investigator in the field of Mesoamerican culture. As a speaker of Mayan Q’ anjob’ al, his current project is the creation of educational youth centers for the recovery and development of Mayan culture in each of the 21 Mayan ethnic groups of Guatemala.

The translator of The Dry Season, R. McKenna Brown is Associate Professor of Spanish and Director of the International Studies Program at Virginia Commonwealth University. The author of several books and articles on Mayan studies, he has designed and led intensive summer programs focusing on Mayan language and culture in Guatemala for over a decade.

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