Weekly Reads: Dan Dorman

This week's recommended reading comes to us from poet and new CSU Poetry Center staffer Dan Dorman:

William Carlos Williams, Spring and All (New Directions; Facsimile Edition edition, 2011)

One of my favorite books, William Carlos Williams’ “Spring and All,” is off the shelf for the summer.

Williams’ mind and style always bring something new to me in reading this book. As I am sitting down with it again, it appears as a precursor to “Patterson,” this book being a proving ground for mixing prose and poetry. He is “whole—aware—civilized,” and in being so lays an imaginative framework across poetry. 



Susan Howe, That This (New Directions, 2010)

I’m finding that it can be expected that Susan Howe will amaze me with her depth and clarity in experimental writing.

In “That This” she gracefully blends essay, poem, image and implied language, as an expression of how one’s mind adapts during the process of grieving. She is brilliant from start to finish in this both deeply personal and imaginatively ripe book.